Our Client Experience

A few examples of our client experience include:

  • Multinational Aerospace & Defense Company – Transaction Support. A leading Western, multinational A&D company was looking to structure a strategically important joint venture with a local player in a GCC country. Water Street led the process of developing partnership options and gaining internal alignment on a preferred approach.  We then provided behind-the-scenes negotiations support, including developing/refining deal terms and detailed agreements.  The result was a strategic partnership that positioned the local company to provide local sales and service support. 
  • Global Aerospace & Defense Company – Partnering Strategy. A multi-billion dollar global A&D company asked Water Street for help in developing their partnering strategy in an emerging market, which was strategically important for their company’s growth and offset obligations fulfilment. We provided the company with extensive perspectives on the unique law and regulatory requirements specific to that market, the competitive landscape, and some of the lessons learned from existing ventures to help shape the company’s partnering strategy.
  • Aerospace & Defense Company – Corporate Capabilities Development. A multinational A&D company with a high deal flow asked Water Street to help them develop a tool to promote creative deal concept generation and screening when selecting transaction structures. The result was an online tool that, through a series of user prompts and links to support resources, helps business development teams rapidly generate and narrow a list of potential transaction structures, including various types of acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, alliances, licensing agreements, and other partnership arrangements.
  • Multi-partner Aerospace & Defense JV – Strategic Alignment Profiler. A multi-partner A&D joint venture needed to take a fresh look at its strategic direction and growth options after adding a new owner. Water Street facilitated a board self-assessment of and conversation on the health and effectiveness of the overall Board and its Directors, management roles and their performance, and the venture’s overall evolution and strategic intent. After ensuring internal alignment, Water Street helped the management team and its Board to operationalize and to internally structure the venture so it could act on its new strategy in a timely and effective manner.
  • European Aerospace & Defense Company – Corporate Capabilities Development. A leading European A&D company was looking for help to develop a new organizational structure to more consistently manage its international joint ventures as a group. Water Street reviewed the company’s organizational structure, identified issues in its JV’s management and governance that needed to be addressed, and developed a set of relevant options with organization matrices for the company to consider. Water Street then facilitated a joint meeting with senior client executives on the pros, cons, and implications of each structure and helped them achieve internal alignment on a plan forward. The company continued to rely on Water Street for support throughout the development and deployment of the new JV governance unit.