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Geoff Walker is one of Water Street’s three founders and is responsible for the overall growth of our business. Geoff serves our clients in the oil and gas industry, around the world and across the entire value chain. He has extensive experience working with integrated oil companies, national oil companies, and independents. Geoff is a regular speaker at the leading companies in the industry.
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Non-Operated JV Asset Managers: What is Happening in Your Team?

By Geoff Walker | Tuesday, September 27, 2016

IMAGINE YOU’RE A non-operated JV asset manager in upstream at an oil
and gas company, and it is time for your annual performance review. Typically, this would be with your boss, who reports to the head of upstream. But this year, you’ve flown to the head office and are sitting across the table from your CEO. He is showing the strain of “lower for longer” – layoffs, delayed capital investments, intense operating cost scrutiny, and dividend pressure. He has just one question for you: “What value are you delivering to our company?”

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