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As Senior Associate at Water Street Partners, Sylvia is responsible for supporting our clients in the oil and gas, alternative energy, power, utilities, and metals and mining industries.
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Joint Venture Portfolio Governance: Highlights from the London Roundtable

By Sylvia Staneva | Tuesday, December 11, 2018

WATER STREET PARTNERS recently hosted its tenth annual Roundtable on JV Portfolio Governance for natural resource companies. Twenty industry executives, representing the oil and gas, mining, and chemicals sectors and collectively accountable for governing more than 700 non-operated ventures, gathered in Brown’s Hotel in London for this year’s installment to discuss what an approach to portfolio governance looks like today.

Four main topics were on the agenda:

1) Non-Operated Portfolio Governance Excellence: How much progress have natural resource companies made in recent years in putting in place the core practices to govern their portfolio of non-operated ventures? 

2) New Deal and Industry Trends, and Impact on Governance: What types of new ventures and forces are natural resource companies seeing, and how are these impacting the requirements of governing non-operated portfolios? 

3) Stock Market Announcement Effects: What types of venture announcements materially impact the share price of large natural resource companies, and what might companies do to better shape the narrative to investors? 

4) Corporate Social Responsibility Pressures on Non-Operated JVs: What impact are various external groups, from the Environmental Defense Fund to Transparency International, having?

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Joint Venture Dealmaker Outlook: Trends in Oil and Gas

By Sylvia Staneva | Tuesday, November 27, 2018
WATER STREET PARTNERS periodically convenes joint venture dealmakers from an array of industries and geographies to speak to the latest JV trends, challenges, and best practices from their vantage points. Most recently, Mike Henson, Manager of Infrastructure Development at Chevron, shared his perspectives on partnership trends in the oil and gas world.

Mike Henson has been with Chevron for 40 years, spending the last ten years in the downstream business development space. He is responsible for leading Chevron’s enterprise-wide effort to achieve the desired corporate infrastructure. Mike’s focus includes strategic planning and execution, building relationships with third-party infrastructure companies and trading partners, and identifying acquisition, divestiture, capital construction, or partnering of infrastructure assets.

Oil and gas and the energy industry more broadly has been a heavy utilizer of joint ventures for decades, though in recent years new dynamics and to some extent innovative deal terms and structures have emerged in response to global commodity prices, evolving geopolitical relations, and the advent of new technologies. Mike spoke to these and shared learnings from his decades working with joint ventures.

An edited transcript of his comments follows.

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