Our Proprietary Tools

Water Street Partners brings a variety of proprietary tools and resources to supporting our chemicals clients.

These include:

  • Strategic Alignment Profiler to facilitate Board discussions around strategy
  • JV contracts database, including numerous contracts from across industries
  • The Deal Vault, which includes dozens of chemical JV company case studies
  • ATAVA (Asset Team Activity Value Analysis)
  • JV Interface Analysis tool to identify and assess the efficiency of JV-shareholder touchpoints
  • Guide to developing an annual influencing plan for chemical joint ventures
  • Non-controlled JV portfolio governance standards
  • JV executive compensation benchmarks and practices
  • JV Board Director training programs

Our Research

In addition to such proprietary tools, Water Street has conducted dozens of research studies and written numerous articles on industry-specific and cross-industry issues of relevance to the chemicals industry.
    • Petrochemical JVs in China- Trends and Success Factors
    • Restructuring Natural Resource JVs
    • The End of Adhocracy - How Natural Resource Companies Are Moving to Deliberately Manage their Portfolio of JVs

Industry Events and Partnerships

Water Street regularly convenes small groups of senior executives in the chemicals industry to share perspectives on the challenges they confront in their joint ventures and our team members are frequent speakers at the leading companies in the industry.