Water Street Advises Clients on Corporate and Joint Venture Governance to Unlock Performance and Manage Risk.

We advise clients on governance – both at the JV and corporate levels. Our work includes governance diagnostics, design, and implementation support, leveraging our proprietary governance standards, benchmarking database, and extensive tools repository. We also support clients in managing portfolios of joint ventures, including portfolio reviews, corporate processes tailored to JVs, corporate JV unit design, and transaction stage gate design.

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Our services include custom engagements and lighter touch support through our membership services, in the following areas:

JV Governance

All too often, JV underperformance results from underperformance on critical governance matters such as defining whether the JV will exclusively serve the needs of its owners, operate autonomously, or somewhere in between; aligning on the Board’s level of involvement in strategic, financial, and operating matters; and managing conflicts of interest between owners and the JV. We focus on getting Boards and owners “un-stuck” on their most contentious issues and thereby clearing a path for better company or venture performance. We provide clients with a range of JV-level operating model and governance services, including:

  • JV Operating Model Design
  • JV Governance Diagnostics
  • JV Assessments of Board and Individual Director Effectiveness
  • JV Governance Framework Agreements
  • JV Board and Director Training
  • JV Board Strategic Offsites and Retreats
  • JV Governance Tools and Implementation
  • JV Policies and Procedures for Reporting & Information Sharing
  • JV Functional Area Support

Corporate JV Portfolio Advisory

Water Street has developed a proprietary approach for corporate teams to manage their JV portfolios – an approach tailored to the needs of each client. Whether you are looking to review your entire JV portfolio or pursue strategic initiatives flowing out of a portfolio review, our services include:

  • JV Portfolio Reviews
  • JV Strategic Business Review Design
  • JV Director Training
  • JV Unit Design and Implementation
  • JV Governance Standards Development
  • JV Policy and Tool Development
  • JV Transaction Stage Gate Design
  • JV Transaction Playbooks

Corporate Governance

Structured, methodical, and consistent corporate governance strategies and tactics are critical for today’s corporate owners given the impact JVs can have on their operations, finances, and risk profiles – profiles that public shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders are increasingly focusing on. Regardless of where corporate clients are in developing, deploying, and refining their corporate governance strategies and tactics, we provide range of corporate governance services, including:

  • Corporate Governance Design
  • Corporate Governance Implementation
  • Corporate Governance Diagnostics

Additional Governance Services

Water Street provides a long list of other services to corporate teams, including:

  • Non-Operated JV Asset Team Activity Value Analysis (ATAVA)
  • JV Partner Governance Diagnostics
  • JV Partner Influence Plan Development

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