Water Street Partners maintains the world's richest repository of JV, alliance and other partnership case studies, deal comps and transaction statistics. Our database includes hundreds of detailed case studies and comps describing ownership, control and governance, economics and financial flows, contingencies, service models, organizational structure, exit provisions and valuation approaches, and thousands of database entries detailing transaction statistics. Deal Vault case studies are generally comprised of three to five PowerPoint slides (an example is presented below), and they are accessible by structure, type, creative deal terms, geography, industry, ownership, and other dimensions. 

The Deal Vault is one of the key benefits included as part of Water Street's Joint Venture Advisory Group membership service

Dealmakers can use Deal Vault resources to help shape their deals, build alignment internally with Boards and Investment Committees, communicate and authenticate deals with their counterparties, and identify creative approaches to close gaps in valuation, ownership, economic flows, control, and exit provisions, among other areas.

Board Directors and Executives use our Deal Vault to identify a range of different governance structures used to address specific challenges, as well as to assist in thinking through potential restructuring options at key inflections points in their company's life.

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