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Membership Councils:

As an alternative to more intensive, project-specific joint venture consulting support, Water Street offers membership-based advisory services to support executives who negotiate, structure, manage, and govern their companies' joint ventures. Our objective is simple: Provide our clients a fixed-fee, cost-effective, network-based alternative to the traditional consulting model.

These Joint Venture Advisory Groups are built around networks of executives facing challenges specific to joint ventures and alliances.  These groups are organized into three Councils:

  • The Joint Venture Leadership Council for joint venture CEOs, GMs, MDs and Presidents, and their senior management teams;
  • The Joint Venture & Alliance Dealmaker Council for dealmakers who negotiate, structure, and launch joint ventures and alliances; and
  • The Joint Venture Executive Oversight Council for shareholder executives who sit on the boards or steering committees of joint ventures and alliances and those who oversee portfolios of joint ventures and alliances.  

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While the challenges these groups face overlap, there are some key differences. It is the goal of the Joint Venture Advisory Groups to help our members address these challenges. To do so, we focus our research and advice on the following topics.

The Joint Venture Leadership Council:

  • Aligning owners on strategy, growth, and targets
  • Assessing and improving health and effectiveness of governance system
  • Managing owners as customers and service providers
  • Enhancing the value proposition for Joint Venture employees and secondees

The Joint Venture & Alliance Dealmaker Council:

  • Developing partnering strategy
  • Generating and assessing deal options
  • Valuing contributions and total venture economics
  • Identifying and profiling comparable transactions

The Joint Venture Executive Oversight Council:

  • Organizing to manage a portfolio of Joint Ventures
  • Maximizing the effectiveness and effiency of Joint Venture Boards and committees
  • Training and on-boarding JV Directors
  • Influencing your partners
  • Cultivating a reputation as a partner of choice

For each of these three focus areas, our councils offer a set of resources.

Membership Resources

  • Expert Advice.  Talk to one of our joint venture experts, including former joint venture executives, management consultants, investment bankers and transaction attorneys
  • Insights and Articles.  Read our publications discussing current jointventure practices and trends
  • Best Practices. Review our guides and resrouce centers illustrating methods used by other executives to address some of the most challenging joint venture-related challenges
  • Benchmarks and Case Studies. Benchmark yourself against other similar joint ventures on a variety of dimensions including performance, strategy, governance and delegations, operations and shared services, organization and talent, and finance and planning
  • Tools and Templates Library.  Access our archive of tools and templates
  • Webinars. Join a webinar in which we feature executive panelists and our latest research
  • In-Person Events. Attend one of our roundtables or breakfast meetings and network with peers, share top-of-the-mind issues, and offer advice
  • Peer Introductions. Let us connect you with someone who has tackled a similar issue in the past

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"We have worked in recent years extensively with Water Street to professionalize our JV management practices and practitioner cadre. We have found that their external perspectives helped us to drive real value from our JVs.

GM, Joint Venture Excellence, 
Royal Dutch Shell

"As a JV CEO for over 10 years, I have come to rely on Water Street Partners as a prime source of advice for our JV.  Their depth of knowledge and understanding of joint ventures is unparalleled. Our relationship with Water Street has truly had a positive impact on our business."

CEO and Vice-Chairman,