Water Street serves clients through both custom consulting and membership-based services.  We work with clients at every level of their organizations, whether as an advisor to the Board of Directors and top management team or as a hands-on coach for front line employees. 

Joint Venture Custom Consulting Services

Our custom consulting approach is based on proprietary assessment techniques, benchmarking data, and comparative practices specific to joint ventures, alliances, consortia, and other partnerships. Having served hundreds of partnerships, we have developed some strong perspectives on how to deliver the highest impact to our clients:  

We limit our involvement to areas where we provide unique value. We believe that our narrow focus and senior model allow us to deliver unique value to our clients on issues related to partnerships.

We staff senior teams, experienced in this type of customized consulting. Our savviest clients don’t just ask about our firm’s experience - what they really want to understand is who will be the team on the ground supporting them and what is their experience.

Our staffing model is dynamic, like the needs of our clients. Transactions may play out over months, with varying degrees of intensity. Engaging the Board of a multi-partner, cross-border joint venture may need to take place across a cycle of one or two Board meetings. Our flexible staffing model enables us to customize our level of support to meet the needs of our clients.

The process is as important as the answer. While the need for change, and the overall shape of a good “answer,” may be relatively simple, our experience in working with joint ventures, alliances, and consortia – especially cross-cultural ones  – is that gaining alignment among the partners is often more than 50% of the custom consulting work.  Our proprietary approaches and experienced consultants understand this. 

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Joint Venture Advisory Group Membership Services

As an alternative to more intensive, project-specific custom consulting support, Water Street offers membership-based services to support executives who structure, lead, and govern their companies' joint ventures.  Our objective is simple - provide our clients a fixed-fee, cost-effective alternative to the traditional consulting model. We do three things for our members: 

Inform. We have assembled a set of resources – original research, benchmarks, case studies, diagnostics, how-to-guides, checklists, templates – to help our members understand and address the unique issues that joint ventures, alliances, consortia, and other partnerships introduce. Access our toolkit.

Advise. Members have on-demand access to our team. Have a question? Get on the phone tomorrow with one of our experts. Invite us to participate in your next offsite. 

Connect. In serving joint ventures, alliances, consortia, and other partnerships around the world and across industry, we have built the world’s only network of senior executives. Over 1,000 executives participate today. Tap into this network through our regular webinars or in-person events. 

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