More than 500 companies across 57 countries have formed three or more new joint ventures in the last five years. The JV portfolios of some of these companies – like ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, and Vodafone – are enormous, representing a material portion of the company’s assets, revenue, or income. But in other companies such as Volvo, Alcatel-Lucent, and Amyris, the portfolios are much smaller, often containing no more than 3 to 15 JVs. The JVs in these portfolios are often a motley lot – with individual ventures scattered around the world, scoped and structured in very different ways, and governed on a one-off basis by local business unit leaders.

Water Street has analyzed the portfolio management approaches of some of the most joint venture-intensive companies in the world. Few believe they take a “deliberate” approach to the management of this portfolio, despite its materiality.

Water Street helps companies bring consistency to the corporate-level governance, assurance and management of joint ventures to significantly reduce joint venture risks and costs, and improve performance. Our “Standards of Joint Venture Portfolio Management Excellence” are the benchmark against which some of the most sophisticated companies in the world measure themselves. Our services include:

  • Corporate JV dealmaking playbooks
  • Control frameworks
  • Secondee guidelines
  • JV portfolio reviews
  • Cross-portfolio performance improvement initiatives
  • JV restructuring capabilities
  • "Voice of our partners" analysis
  • Strategic relationship(s) management
  • Training and Development Programs - Board Directors, Shareholder Representatives, Asset Manager, Secondees

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We have worked in recent years extensively with Water Street to professionalize our JV management practices and practitioner cadre. We have found that their external perspectives helped us to drive real value from our JVs.

Nils Bosma
Royal Dutch Shell

As a JV CEO for over 10 years, I have come to rely on Water Street Partners as a prime source of advice for our JV.  Their depth of knowledge and understanding of joint ventures is unparalleled. Our relationship with Water Street has truly had a positive impact on our business.

Jason Mann
Vice-Chairman, LSV LLC