A quarter century ago, companies awoke to the fact that success in M&A hinged upon running a highly deliberate and well-orchestrated post-merger integration process. Serial acquirers like ABB, General Electric, Lloyds TSB, Thomson Reuters, Tyco International, and Waste Management realized that there was a right way – and a wrong way – to integrate companies. They built detailed M&A integration processes, developed playbooks, captured learnings, and continuously improved their integration approach.

Launch is every bit as important in JVs.

Our research has shown that the trajectory of JV success is almost always established during launch planning and execution, and that mistakes made during this phase can easily erode up to 50% of venture value.

Drawing on our experience and proprietary tools, Water Street helps clients define and execute the launch process. Our support includes:

  • Overall Launch and Integration Process Development
  • Post-Merger Management
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Cultural Integration
  • Talent Management and Employee Value Proposition

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We have worked in recent years extensively with Water Street to professionalize our JV management practices and practitioner cadre. We have found that their external perspectives helped us to drive real value from our JVs.

Nils Bosma
Royal Dutch Shell

As a JV CEO for over 10 years, I have come to rely on Water Street Partners as a prime source of advice for our JV.  Their depth of knowledge and understanding of joint ventures is unparalleled. Our relationship with Water Street has truly had a positive impact on our business.

Jason Mann
Vice-Chairman, LSV LLC