Our Approach

At a time of tremendous industry transformation, the companies that have proven the most successful in navigating that change have been the ones able to build robust partnerships. Power and alternative energy companies use joint ventures in versatile ways, to share funding of large-scale projects, manage risks, to access new technologies, to secure feedstocks and downstream market access, and to meet regulatory requirements for local ownership. 

Water Street works across the power and renewables spectrum, helping clients structure deals to protect their economics and IP, branch out into adjacent markets via partnerships, and derive more value from their existing portfolios of joint ventures. We also support current JV executive teams navigate strategic inflection points, manage Board Director and officer turnover, and address unfavorable shared services arrangements. This post-launch JV work allows us to better foresee and address potential issues during joint venture negotiations, share proven practices for addressing common joint venture challenges and provide best practices and benchmarks to executives with portfolios of joint ventures.

Who We Serve

Water Street has worked with power and alternative energy businesses in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. We have served 14 of the 25 largest international power and alternative energy companies, including advising on structuring or restructuring of power and alternative energy assets totalying upwatds of $60 billion in value. Water Street supports traditional utility giants and small scale developers, leading renewable energy companies and clean tech startups, as well as other non-traditional industry players (e.g., financial investors, emerging market companies, and technology providers). 

We work with JVs that aggregate investor funds to bring large scale renewable projects online, as well as JVs that develop grid infrastructure to make centralized generation more accessible. We serve wind, solar, and energy storage JVs, which combine the technologies and market access of different partners to improve project viability and economics. We also support nuclear JVs formed to share technology and fuel with countries lacking the capabilities, scale, financial resources, and trust to develop them alone. Additionally, we serve gas-fired power plants, developed and operated as project-style joint ventures to help satisfy quickly growing electricity demands due to their efficiency and relative cleanliness.