Our Client Experience

A few examples of our client experience include:

  • Leading Nuclear Power Company– Deal Options Workshop. A North American power company offering nuclear products and services to utilities wanted to gain access to an emerging nuclear fuel market while safeguarding its IP. To help pressure test the deal and fallback structure, Water Street held a deal options workshop. We highlighted key areas of misalignment between the company and counterparty, introduced a set of creative economic arrangements intended to address the constraints placed on ownership, and developed pitch materials to prepare the company for its upcoming meetings with the counterparty. The venture is expected to start operations in the coming year. 
  • Major U.S. Utility Company-Corporate Capabilities Development. A large North American company generating and distributing electric power internationally, planned on using partnerships to monetize a new technology. They engaged Water Street to develop an overarching partnering strategy for entering new global markets through alliances and joint ventures. Water Street designed a customized partnering framework, which included partner screening criteria, high-level deal archetypes, and preferred and fallback terms.
  • Australian Energy and Gas Supplier- JV Portfolio Review. A leading Australian energy business was looking to optimize its geothermal and hydro power JV portfolios. Water Street reviewed the company’s existing and potential future JVs. We provided recommendations on the company’s JV strategy, partner selection and due diligence, dealmaking and launch processes, and JV governance and management guidelines.
  • European Renewable Energy Company – JV Manager Training Program. A European wind and hydroelectric power company wanted to better understand synergy opportunities across its portfolio of offshore wind assets. Water Street facilitated a training session among General Managers from the offshore wind JVs on joint venture best practices and benchmarked the company’s JVs against our data of hundreds of similar ventures to identify opportunities for improvement at both the JV and corporate levels.
  • 50:50 Hydroelectric JV – Governance Review. A European-Australian JV based in Latin America was at an inflection point near the end of “build” phase and looked to transition into steady-state operations. Water Street framed an approach for improving JV governance by developing a set of Guiding Principles and practical approaches for the overall governance model based on our best practices and their experience helping transition similar ventures from “build” to “operations” phase.