Our Client Experience

A few examples of our client experience include:

  • Global Networking Equipment Company – JV Corporate Capability Development. A large multinational technology company that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment wanted to enhance its JV capabilities to be on par with its M&A capabilities. Water Street conducted a thorough review of their previous JV experience, developed a Playbook that specified a process and set of standards for negotiating, launching, governing, and restructuring their JVs, and built a set of tools to support the Playbook. The company used these practices and lessons learned to negotiate their next deal in China.
  • 50:50 North American-Asian Data Analytics Platform Joint Venture – Launch Planning and Integration. A global information and technology company wanted to expand its operations to China, a market critical for its future success, by establishing a joint venture. Water Street developed guiding principles articulating how the joint venture and shareholder companies should interact with respect to strategy, scope, governance, corporate controls, the JV’s value chain, and its organization and talent model. This “JV Blueprint” coupled with the legal agreements and business plan formed the foundational documents of the JV and enabled its successful launch.
  • North American Newspaper Trade Association – Strategic Partnership Business Plan Development. A 2000+ member newspaper and multiplatform business association was evaluating a merger with a news industry institute to create a dynamic new organization focused on meeting newspapers' advancement in the digital age. They asked Water Street to assess the deal as a neutral third party and provide a “go - no go” recommendation. Based on our risk and benefits assessment and our recommendation to pursue the merger, the deal successfully closed.
  • European Media Broadcasting Organization – Transaction Design and JV Deal Options Workshop. A multinational broadcaster wanted help in evaluating the strategic fit of its JV portfolio and in determining how it could better use partnerships going forward. To support this initiative, Water Street facilitated a workshop for the company during which we examined the current JV portfolio, reviewed how well it aligned with its original objectives, and devised an approach for how the company can employ JVs in the following 3 years to better meet its growth targets.