External Publications

Harvard Business Review
Other Seminal Publications
  • Corporate Dealmaker, Getting a Grip on Alliances, Bamford and Ernst, 2005 (download the pdf)
  • The Alliance Analyst Alliances for the Year 2000, Ernst, 1999 (download the pdf).
  • The Alliance Analyst Managing Alliances - Skills for the Modern Era, Ernst, 1996 (download the pdf).


Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, Getting the Governance Right - Joint Venture Governance Guidelines. James Bamford and David Ernst, 2007.

Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and OrganizationJames Bamford, Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, and Michael S. Robinson. Jossey-Bass, 2003. 

Collaborating to Compete: Using Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions in the Global Marketplace. Joel Bleeke and David Ernst. John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1993.

Internal Publications

The Joint Venture Exchange (JVX)

A monthly publication aimed at Joint Venture CEOs, Joint Venture Board members, corporate center executives, and others with a direct role in managing and governing existing joint ventures. Recent examples include:

The Joint Venture Deal Exchange (JVDX)

A publication targeted at dealmakers, aimed at providing provocative perspectives, practical tools, best-practice approaches, and contractual terms that are directly usable in active deal negotiations. Recent examples include:

Water Street Insights (WSI)

A weekly publication targetted at Joint Venture Dealmakers, Management Teams, and Corporate Boards covering a range of topics across indsutries. Popular examples include: