A monthly publication aimed at JV CEOs, JV Board members, corporate center executives, and others with a direct role in managing and governing existing joint ventures. Recent examples include:


A publication targeted at dealmakers, aimed at providing provocative perspectives, practical tools, best-practice approaches, and contractual terms that are directly usable in active deal negotiations. Recent examples include:

  • Giving JV Due Diligence its Due
  • Mixing and Mapping Partner Capabilities
  • Structuring JV Deals to Manage Commercial Conflicts
  • Misalignment Scenario Planning in JV Dealmaking
  • Managing the Future with Contingent Deal Terms


Collaborating to Compete: Using Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions in the Global Marketplace. Joel Bleekeand David Ernst. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 1993

Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization.  James D. Bamford, Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, and Michael S. Robinson. Jossey-Bass. 2003


The Water Street team has published extensively in leading industry, academic and business publications, including the following:

“Your Alliances are Too Stable” Harvard Business Review
“Launching a World-class Joint Venture” Harvard Business Review
“Is Your Alliance Really a Sale?” Harvard Business Review
“The Way to Win in Cross-Border Alliances” Harvard Business Review
“Strategic Choices for Newly Opened Markets” Harvard Business Review
“Governing Joint Ventures” McKinsey Quarterly
“Not by M&A Alone” McKinsey Quarterly
“Managing an Alliance Portfolio” McKinsey Quarterly
“When to Think Alliance” McKinsey Quarterly
“Petroleum: After the Megamergers” McKinsey Quarterly
“Alliances in Upstream Oil and Gas” McKinsey Quarterly
“Emerging Market Alliances” McKinsey Quarterly
“Service Alliances: Coffee and One Way to Boston” McKinsey Quarterly
“Managing Alliances: Skills for the Modern Era” The Alliance Analyst
“Negotiating Alliances and JVs” The Alliance Analyst
“The Death of Business Development?” The Alliance Analyst
“Alliances to Learn” The Alliance Analyst
“Getting a Grip on Your Alliances” Corporate Deal Maker
“Measuring Alliance Performance” McKinsey on Finance