Senior Director

William de Hoop Scheffer is a Senior Director with Water Street Partners with a focus on Energy and Technology. He works with clients on negotiating and restructuring transactions, managing the launch and integration process of joint ventures, and supporting individual shareholders, management boards, and corporate teams to improve their business portfolio.

Prior to joining Water Street Partners, William acted as a Senior Manager at Accenture, Strategy Manager at Wood Mackenzie, and Management Consultant at Schlumberger Business Consulting. His previous roles included a wide range of operational and strategic topics centered around Energy and Technology. He advised NOCs, IOCs (upstream and downstream), OFSs and mining companies on corporate governance, production excellence, digital strategy, and business organization as well as implemented leading technology solutions for operating and non-operating assets. William has also participated as an expert speaker at World Gas Conference, CERAWeek, and Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

William holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Ecole Centrale Paris and a Masters in Business Management from Imperial College of London, both with Honors. He is fluent in English and French, and conversational in Dutch and Spanish.